Firearms Defense Techniques

Saw this years ago and whilst there are many theories floating around on what is the best approach, the acronym RCAT (Re-direct, Control, Attack, Take) resonated with me.  Obviously there are those who subscribe to the idea that you should keep your hands up, avoid eye contact and simply do what they say.  This has been a successful ploy to ensure you live another day and I have seen video evidence of this where a business owner was robbed of his vehicle and belongings in South Africa by AK47 totting thieves.  Will this guarantee saving your life, only the situation will provide your ‘gut feeling’ with the answer.



This site is all about discussing the myriad of issues in and around personal self defense. Whether you are someone contemplating improving your situational awareness or a hard-ass private security, ex-military, door-kicking, head-stomping jar-head wanting to make this world a safer place.  We will discuss topics that inspire you, encourage personal growth plus compassion for your fellow man, all the while debating the ever changing face of living in a world that is full of evil a-social individuals who want to take your life, liberty and love ones.